Castle Hill Hillfort, Newhaven, West Sussex

Castle Hill Hillfort

Castle Hill hillfort is a univallate Iron Age enclosure of indeterminate size – unfortunately due to erosion and later constructions, this fort has largely disappeared. In 1869 Lane-Fox (later Pitt-Rivers) reported that:

“The Castle, Newhaven – about 1680 yards of the northern front still remain and it appears to be arranged in a succession of re-entering curves and salient points – enough however remains to show that this work occupied the whole summit of the hill and conformed to the outline of the brow”.(1)

For hillforts in similar circumstances see Flower’s Barrow hillfortBindon Hill hillfort, and Seaford Head hillfort.

Castle Hill hillfort is Intervisible with Belle Tout hillfort, and Seaford Head hillfort.


Google Map for Castle Hill hillfort. OS coordinates: TQ 446 000. Nearest town/village: Newhaven.


(1) Archaeologia 42 1869 34-5 (Col A H Lane-Fox) (Examination etc of the Hill-forts of Sussex)

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