Brent Knoll Hillfort, East Brent, Somerset

Brent Knoll Hillfort, Somerset.

Large contour hillfort located on the flat top of Brent Knoll, an island hill in the surrounding levels of Sedgemoor, overlooking large areas to the Bristol Channel to the N. On 1st Ed OS map (1885-1900). Low rampart of c. 1m with internal quarry ditch enclose the hill, with external face falling steeply by c. 2m to step 2.75m wide beyond which falls to wider outer terrace c. 4-6m wide which probably represents remains of an outer ditch plus counterscarp bank. The land then falls to the base of the slope. No outer terrace to N, possibly suggesting unfinished.

Rampart of stone or rubble construction, and between two terraces rough stone facing and line of cut stones visible. 35m of inner rampart to W levelled or tumbled. E entrance with narrow original hollow way up slope from below, reused later as quarry track into fort. Later hollow way from field below crosses this. Slight inturns to entrance and on outer side possible guard chambers, one D-shaped 12m by 8m and one crescent-shaped 11m by 8m.

To N end another gap could be original and associated with bastians and additional rampart possibly guarding this N approach. Medieval quarrying affected interior but area of surface not affected to N and SW. The quarry hollows to the W and NE inside rampart are original. ‘Antique’ part excavations in 19th century by Rev Skinner of dark occupation soil to W provided evidence of Roman activity with building debris, coins, Samian and other sherds, charcoal and human remains. 18th/19th century reference to Roman coin hoard of Severus and Trajan and other Roman artefacts. Later other Iron Age and Romano-British pottery found.

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