British Iron Age Period Divisions

The Iron Age period divisions for the UK were a tricky bunch to locate. There were plenty of websites, papers and books with one set or another in, but nowhere could I find a resourse with all three systems, giving the dates as well as the names of the divisions.

So to save time in the future I decided to assemble them in one place so I could compare them at a glance when, say, reading an excavation report written in the middle of the last century.

I hope it is of use to the both of us.

Current System

Early c.800/700 – 300BC.
Middle c.300 – 100BC.
Late 100BC – AD43.

Hallstatt/La Tene (archaic)

Hallstatt c.700 – 480
Le Tene I c.480 – 220BC.
La Tene II c.220 – 120BC.
La Tene III c.120 – AD43.

Iron Age A, B, C (archaic)

A c.700 – c.500BC
B c.500BC – c.100BC
C c.100BC – AD43.

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