Chiselbury Camp Hillfort, Wiltshire

Univallate hillfort, entrance at SE, with a slight semi-circular outwork. Bivallate ditches run from N side and from SE outwork. The hillfort is sub-circular in plan, enclosing an area of c3.4ha and is defined by an earthen rampart up to 3.6m high and an external ditch which is a maximum of 1.6m in depth. A gap in the south eastern side of the rampart and a corresponding causeway across the ditch may represent the original entrance and are associated with a small ‘D’-shaped embanked enclosure which was clearly visible on aerial photographs taken in the 1920s.

Limited archaeological investigation of the interior of the hillfort in the early 20th century failed to find any traces of occupation, although Iron Age pottery and a lead spindle whorl were found immediately outside it. The hillfort was abutted on both its northern and southern sides by embanked ditches or cross dykes. Their precise function is unknown but the manner in which they cut the ridge suggests they were intended to prevent movement along it.


OS map reference: SU 0182 2807. Nearest town/village: Fovant.

Information © Wiltshire County Council.

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