What on Earth happened to Digital Digging?

Bear with.

It’s being folded, forced and squeezed into a content management system, which will hopefully mean I can spend less time tinkering, and more time creating content.

It’ll be a few days before it starts looking somewhat less than broken, and then all will be dandy. Trust me.

If you’re one of the people who were deluged by email updates yesterday, I apologise profusely. I tried to find a way of turning the updates off, but apparently that’s not possible. I also tried to warn you through the usual channels, but in the end just had to make a decision – there will be more today, but not in the same profusion. Feel free to unsubscribe, and once the updates are over, I shall endeavour to let you know.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few days, and have been keeping notes. Once the all the pages from the previous site have been uploaded and are behaving, I intend to write up the experience so that anyone wishing to go in a similar direction will stand a vague chance of avoiding some of the more trying pitfalls.


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