Harrow Hill, Sussex.

Harrow Hill, Sussex.

Neolithic use

The depressions visible both in the satellite image and the Digital Terrain Models denoted infilled or collapsed flint mine shafts, worked between 4,000 and 2,200 BC. (1) Around 245 shafts and pits were identified during a 1994 survey. (2)

Bronze Age

The enclosure is of a ‘Martin Down’ style construction, named after a Late Bronze Age enclosure type from Martin Down in Dorset. This one encloses 0.42 hectares, or 1 acre of land. These are quite rare (15 known sites) as they are often located on of near good agricultural land, and subsequently suffer plough damage. The location is no accident – finds from inside this enclosure type would suggest that they belonged to a farming families/communities, and are often associated with nearby field systems. More of a defendable enclosure than a hillfort.

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