Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Jiří Rýdl Interview.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Jiří Rýdl Interview.

Back in May we interviewed Dan Vavra about the remarkably accurate recreation of Middle Ages Bohemia for the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Now we’ve had a chance to inspect and explore the early alpha technical release, we thought it was time for a catch up – to this end we managed to snare Warhorse Studio’s Head of Communications, Jiří Rýdl, for a progress update.

DD – The Kickstarter goal to introduce the miller’s daughter as a playable character has been successful – will she have her own time-line, and if so will it precede that of Henry, or run alongside?

JR – Well, I don’t want to spoil the game too much :-] You will be able to play a few quest as a millers daughter, and if you do it well, you will help Henry in a major way!

DD – Will we be experiencing seasons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Will there, for instance, be rainy seasons (similar to a British summer), and Autumn gales? And if so, would they be synced to the player’s location?

JR – The story is not long enough to see snow or falling the leafs from the trees, but the weather changes will be included.

DD – Will we be seeing more animal species being introduced to the game? I remember seeing a boar in early alpha footage back in March, and I’m pretty sure there was a mention of wolves, but how deep will the animal interactions go? For instance, if you include foxes, then will there also be a number of small mammal and amphibian species upon which they can prey?

JR – There will be animals, I can confirm boar, bear, hare, sheep and chickens of course! Let’s wait if wolves, foxes and deer will be in the forest also.

DD – Survival games in which you can craft items are growing more popular – will there be any survival elements to Kingdom Come: Deliverance? We know that you will be able to forge a sword, but will you be required to perform more everyday tasks, such as lighting fires and hunting for food? Will Henry be able to catch and eat fish, for instance?

JR – You need eat and rest to regain strength and stamina and to heal wounds. So you can either go to the pub and eat there or go to the woods and wait for the hare to shoot. We aim more for a strong story with Kingdom Come: Deliverance then crafting and building. Lets give modders tool to make the game more like Space Engineers.

DD – Finally, after having wandered around the technical Alpha release, I have to say that the level of detail included has been extremely impressive, and surpassed my initial expectations by a country mile. One of the questions that occurred to me while I was taking in the starfield, the nocturnal/diurnal insect and animal noises, the range of wildflower species, the tools,  the midden, in short, almost everything about the game, was who exactly is this level of detail for?

JR – Thank you! We focus on the detail, because we believe the details make the game interesting. Sometimes you even don’t see them on first sight, but it creates believable environment and the overall experience is realistic.

And with that, we released Jiři back into the Bohemian forests of 16th century Europe in the hope that he will help bring us this intriguing game a little faster.

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