Westwood Hillfort, Westwood, Somerset

Westwood Hillfort. See PRN 18406 for excavation of “Westwood Barrow” which appears to have been a surviving part of the earthworks of a defended enclosure. Air photographs taken in 1990 show the ditches of a defended enclosure surrounding the area.

Several large pits are also visible that may relate to the quarrying. Geophysical survey of the area carried out for RCHME revealed in great detail three lines of ditches enclosing the area together with internal divisions and ring ditches. The “barrow” site was located but it is suggested that this may in fact be the end of the main rampart with an intrusive burial.


OS map reference: ST 49200 51100. Nearest town/village: Somerton.

Data kindly supplied by the Somerset Historic Environment Record.

Record created in January 1985

© Copyright Somerset County Council 2007

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