Archaeology News – Feb 2014

Welcome to the archaeology news archive for February 2014.

Digital Digging bring you regularly updated archaeology news from the UK, Europe, Egypt, Africa and, well, everywhere else too. At the beginning of each month a new page will started, so that by the end of each year a full twelve month archive will be available. News updates are also available through Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

If you find that the posts below are in a long single column, this can be remedied by maximising your browser window. If you have done that, and they’re still in a single column, and you’re finding the whole experience too disturbing, then you can also see them in their native habitat on our Google Plus page. Apologies if the alignment is a little jiggly in places – I’m afraid we’re just going to have to live with it. Or I am. I mean you don’t have to.

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