Bussock Camp Hill-fort, Berkshire

Bussock Camp (hillfort) is an Iron Age enclosure of around 10/11 acres (4.4 hectares), and sub-circular in shape. The defences are bivallate on the north, south and east sides. In 1872 the north and western defences were said to have stood between 12 and 20 feet (3.6 and 6.1 metres) in height (1), but have since been denuded through gravel quarrying. The surviving banks are in good condition, with the widest section of banks and ditches (in the southern side) measuring 41 metres (133ft) across (2). There are two modern entrances in the eastern ramparts, and a further entrance in the north, which is generally agreed to be original.


OS map reference: SU 467 724. Nearest town/village: Newbury, 2.3 miles to the south.


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