Goosehill Camp (Hillfort)

Goosehill Camp (Hillfort)

Remains of an Iron Age bi-vallate hill-slope fort with widely spaced ramparts. This is of a type more usually seen in the South West of England, particularly on the Quantocks (see Trendle Ring) Entrance in S.E of interior rampart – lower slope of exterior rampart pretty much destroyed. Heavy tree coverage. Excavated by Boyden in the 1950s, who mentions internal ‘hut terraces’. An excavation by Mark Roberts in 2008/9 revealed three possible roundhouses, with an interesting spill of pebbles on the floor of one of them. They appear to have been ammunition for slings, left in a basket or possibly sack. Once the house had been abandoned (for reasons unknown), this was left behind to rot, and eventually spill its contents.

Intervisible with The Trundle.

LOCATION: SU 8297 1265

Nearest town/village: Stoughton.

See also: Bow Hill Camp, West Sussex

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