Trendle Ring Hillfort, Bicknoller, Somerset

Trendle Ring hillfort is a simple enclosed camp, an irregular quadrilateral with rounded corners enclosed by a bank of stones with external ditch although this is demolished on NW side.

Bank and ditch on the N which develops into a scarp and berm on the lower southern side. Its situation is not defensive and its construction is only of moderate strength.

On the uphill side the ramparts are quite massive with the bank 3-4m high. On the downhill side the bank is minimal. Covered with gorse and heather. Cross bank (PRN 34701) 400m to the NE.

“Settlement” marked on OS 1:10,000 map.

Sub-circular small slight fort, enclosing 0.7ha. on a steep, narrow spur. On E the defences drop below the shoulder of the spur and flank an entranceway. Around the top of the site defences are a bank up to c.1.5m high, ditch up to c.0.5m deep, and counterscarp up to c.0.5m high. Steep drop from bank to ditch. On lower side of site defences utilise steep slope and become a scarp up to c3.5m high and terrace 3m wide at its foot. Quarry ditches inside the fort here may indicate a former bank fallen into an outer ditch. Two apparantly original entrances. On NE leading from uphill in the direction of an outwork (PRN 34701) is a simple gap and causeway. On SE is an askew entrance leading up from the combe below, with a terraced track running up between staggered ramparts. Slight widely spaced ridges visible in interior suggesting more recent cultivation Cross-ridge work above the site on the blind approach (PRN 34701).

Scheduled area revised with new national number to include cross-ridge bank on 30/6/1994 (was Somerset 407).

The enclosure is sub-circular in shape, wider on the lower south-western end and narrowing to a corner at the north. The upper part of the defences comprises a bank with external ditch while the lower consists of a scarping of the already steep hillslope. The bank is strongest on the NE on either side of the entrance where it is 1.3m high and 9m wide. The bank on the W side is less impressive and a small breach here is unlikely to be original. There is some evidence of a later phase strengthening the bank here. The scarp around the lower part is up to 5m high. There is no bank but there is a quarry scoop within the enclosure perhaps to provide material for a fighting platform. A small gap at the join of the bank and scarp may be an original entrance.

See PRN 17203 for details of geophysical survey in 2004.


OS map reference: ST 1181 3935. Nearest town/village: Bicknoller.

Data kindly supplied by the Somerset Historic Environment Record.

Record created in December 1983

© Copyright Somerset County Council 2007

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