Burwalls Camp Hillfort, Bristol

Burwalls Camp hillfort is one of three hillforts overlooking this part of the Avon Gorge. The others are Stokeleigh Camp, and Clifton Down Camp.
Burwalls Camp (alt – Bower Walls, Burgh Walls, Bowre Walls, Borough Walls). Much like Stokeleigh Camp, its counterpart on the other side of Nightingale Valley, Burwalls enclosed around 7 acres (a little under three hectares) of land and took advantage of the natural defences it provided. Unfortunately there is very little left of this enclosure – its three curving ramparts were cleared in 1868 so a series of villas could be built. Also in common with Stokeleigh, the ramparts were faced with drystone walls.


OS maps coordinates: ST 5595 7328. Nearest city: Bristol.

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