Chisbury Camp, Wiltshire

A hillfort, with bivallate & trivallate defences. Storage pits containing Iron Age ‘C’ & pre-Belgic pottery.

Silver coin of Verica also a decorated strap union found by a metal detectorist.

The hillfort is multivallate, possessing two, and in some places three circuits of defences which in places are over 50m in overall width. These together enclose an irregular oval area of approximately 5.6ha. The hillfort is bisected by a modern road which utilising gaps in the north-east and south east sides of the defences which may represent the original entrances. Observation of 20th century disturbances has produced evidence of urns, bronze swords and of storage pits containing Late Iron Age pottery.

Decorated harness mount (broken)


OS map reference: SU 27892 65975. Nearest town/village: Chisbury.

Information © Wiltshire County Council.

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