Curdon Wood Camp, Stogumber, Somerset

Curdon Wood Camp hillfort is unfortunately in a sorry way. All that remains is a bank 8ft high and an almost completely silted-up ditch run round the W and SW sides. Quarrying has destroyed the banks on the NW and S and further down to the E.

The destruction of this earthwork has been rendered almost complete by the bulldozing of the rampart on the S in the spring of 1964. The rest has been completely quarried away. The line of the rampart can still be traced on the S but the remains are so meagre that the plan and type of the earthwork cannot be deduced. Its situation on the side of the hill suggests that it may been on IA hill-slope enclosure, similar to Trendle Ring (PRN 33201), rather than a hillfort.


OS map reference: ST 1022 3851. Nearest town/village: Stogumber.

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