Dinghurst Camp, Somerset

Dinghurst Camp exists pretty much only in the literature nowadays, after having been quarried away over the years. It’s difficult to discern the original shape – though Phelps describes the vallum (rampart) as surrounding the camp, only a single length of bank survived long enough to be recorded in the Ordnance Survey map of 1885. His suggestion that it was an outwork of Dolebury Camp, which hovers over it, seems sound enough.

“On the West of this camp (Dolebury), across the defile, is a small post called Dinghurst, evidently of Belgic-British work, surrounded by a vallum, having a double agger and fosse; and was probably an outwork to defend the pass below. Rings, weapons, and bones have been found within its ramparts.”

The History and Antiquities of Somersetshire.

The Rev. W. Phelps (1839)


OS map reference: ST 4449 5915. Nearest town/village: Churchill.

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