Fox Covert Hillfort, Milton Clevedon, Somerset

Early Iron age earthwork consisting of a single bank and outer ditch, absent over the part where the slope is very steep. Characteristically Iron age but has several features in it which suggests that it is probably a stock enclosure rather than a hillfort. Situated on the end of a steep sided spur and on the E, where there is a level approach, there is a weak bank and outer ditch.

A univallate hillfort, much damaged by ploughing. On the E side the approach is level and there may be an entrance in the centre of this side, though the defences are obliterated here. On the rest of the circuit the defences run along or slightly below the edge of a steep sided plateau, consisting of a simple scarp but with a ditch and counterscarp on the NW.

Where the approach is almost level on the E side the ditch is 1.8m deep and supported internally by a bank 0.3m high. On the E side about 15 heaps of rubble and stone have been dumped in the ditch. Damage has also occurred to the bank on either side of the gateway at the NE corner. A quarry pit at the SE corner occupies the old quarry and part of the ditch there.

Scheduling affirmed with new national number (was Somerset 451) on 24 Sept 1997.

Barrow in the W corner (PRN 23859).

Permanent grass interior. E side banks overgrown with nettles, SE and SW are grassed with some trees. Trees have been planted on SE facing slope and a gate has been added in the fence at the N.


OS map reference: ST 6665 3677. Nearest town/village: Milton Clevedon.

Data kindly supplied by the Somerset Historic Environment Record.

Record created in August 1985

© Copyright Somerset County Council 2007

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