Kenwalch’s Castle Hillfort, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset

Kenwalch’s Castle hillfort is a univallate enclosure occupying the full width of the flat top of a N-S ridge and, to the E and W, the bank is atop steep slopes. The gaps through which a road passes is wider than the road and so are likely to be original entrances.

Very overgrown and with internal features. Defences most massive on the SSE and NNW where there are entrances. A third gap, apparently recent, is present at the SW corner.

Enclosure of about 1.6ha divided into two parts by the road which follows the county boundary. Bank 3.6m high from the bottom of the ditch which is 1.8-2.4m deep and 13.7m wide.

Lies astride the Somerset-Wiltshire border Large univallate hillfort on the N tip of a ridge. Sub-rectangular, drawing to a point on the N. Enclosed by bank and external ditch or terrace, most massive on the S against main part of ridge with bank up to 2m high and ditch 2m deep Along sides natural steep slope is utilised to form a scarp and ditch below a shallow bank. On W side the ditch becomes a terrace 3-4m wide.

Entrances probably in centre of N and S sides where a road enclosed by banks runs through Present wide gaps are probably due to course of pre-enclosure road. On NNW is an adjacent gap which may be the original entrance. Gap in SW corner unlikely to be original; also a small gap on the SE. Slight terrace inside ramparts along the west. The site is known as Kenwalch’s Castle, referring to Cenwalh, and is probably a modern name. Outer terrace along W may preserve waterlogged deposits.

Scheduled area revised 14.4.94 with new national number (was Somerset 319 and Wiltshire 342.

Monument lies within mature conifer plantation, with trees on the banks and ditch and within interior. Track, well-used by horses, enters on SW side and runs along lip of rampart of monument’s W side, with some erosion. Track exits through wide gap in N bank, with some Rhododendron spreading around the Nw side, but generally stable and in good condition.

Five year management agreement to run 1/10/2002 – 30/9/2007.


OS map reference: ST 7477 3354 . Nearest town/village: Charlton Musgrove.

Data kindly supplied by the Somerset Historic Environment Record.

Record created in October 1984

© Copyright Somerset County Council 2007

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