Maes Knoll Camp, Somerset

Maes Knoll Camp hillfort is a semi-triangular Iron Age enclosure of approximately 26 acres. The original entrance is thought to be at the Southern tip of the triangle, though access may also have been gained via the gap between the ‘Tump’ and the Northern scarp. The Tump is a truly massive cross-bank-and-ditch earthwork, designed to cut off access from the West. It stands 25ft above the interior of the fort, 50ft above the ditch bottom, and is 200ft in length. Though thought to be Iron Age in origin, there has been a suggestion that it was modified in the post-Roman period to form the Western terminus of the Wansdyke (see also Stantonbury Camp – another hillfort modified by the run of the Wansdyke).


OS map reference: ST 6014 6597 . Nearest town/village: Norton Malreward.

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